Monday, July 8, 2013 | By: Anamika

Confessions of a Foodie

The mess food of my college always took pride in keeping the young ladies in shape. We seldom ate the mess food: the food was awe-full, ALWAYS! So finally when i came home from that institution not only did i have a graduation degree but a good curve to show off. And then things changed. Being a foodie and being a girl never goes hand in hand. Everyone "ooh"ed and "ah"ed  about how much weight I lost. But, after feasting on the most sought after "mommy's food" like a voracious caterpillar, for over a month, with no proper workout whatsoever I transformed into a humanoid version of an appy fizz bottle.
          After pounding google with a couple of "how to's" of burning fat at all the inappropriate places, I decided to accompany mom on the morning walks. It lasted one day. Who am I kidding anyway?! Why would any sane person on earth want to go for a walk on a cold rainy morning, when she can simply tuck in her blanket and drift off to the dreamy land in the warmth. Next came a set of aerobic exercises i managed to fathom from Youtube. I was left panting like an old dog. Then i decided to skip my dinner. After a sleepless night of stomach gurgling with hunger I changed the diet from null to bananas. This went well until one day I found the fish curry and hot steam cakes waving their aroma at me. I ignored the out cries of the inner angel
and dove in. Screw the bananas! Then came the legendary elliptical cycle which had this fancy screen that displayed pulse, distance and calories burned. I peddled hard like Lance Armstrong heading for the
Tour De France title. 20 mins, burned 500 calories, sweating like a pig gasping for breath.

         On second thoughts, I think I can live with the fact that I wouldn't fit into my old jeans but I sure as hell can eat everything while I have it. I might move out of town in a couple of weeks and home made delicacies will haunt me.

   There, I am all back in square one. I see Deepika Padukone flaunting her curves in Batameez dil, I look away. 3 weeks of workouts and diet control goes down the drain.

                            Let's just say I am not fat, I am food enriched ;)


Khyati Majithia said...

I din't know you write! You must do it more often! Enjoyed reading all of them, but this one more- specially the line "our mess takes pride in keeping young ladies in shape.." ;)

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